Shannon Sharpe on Pat Bowlen

“He’s everything. [He is] basically the majority of things that I own in my life. I was able to put my kids through college because of Mr. B. I was able to get my family to a better situation because of Mr. B. He was just a great guy. He was someone you could always go talk to. He was one of us, because trust me, I made fun of him just like I did a normal player, even though he was the owner, and he welcomed that. When the field house was being dedicated to him [in 2015], I said, ‘No one was ever honored for what they received. They were honored for what they gave.’ Mr. B gave money, he gave his time, not only to the Broncos in turning them into one of the great organizations in NFL history, but for what he’s done for the city and the state of Colorado is unprecedented.”
– Hall of Fame TE Shannon Sharpe